Daily Curriculum

At CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE all of the activities that we engage our children in aims to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. We recognize that teachable moments are vast and we are purposeful in exposing our little ones to opportunities to learn through playing, caring, laughing and loving.

The daily CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE program is structured but includes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, community devotion, and educational coaching.  Gross and fine motor activities, art, computer games, and other activities are also implored to enhance each child’s experience with us.   Wherever possible, individual interests and preferences are accommodated.  Parents with children’s in our Little Lamb’s group (6weeks- 18mts) may specify the schedule they want the staff to observe.

In addition, we supplement our day with curriculum from Mother Goose Time: Pre-School Curriculum (click here for Mother Goose Time website and info) and follow the guidelines provided by the CDC to aid in the transition and promotion of our students to their next classroom. Click on Developmental Milestones to learn about how we asses and aide our students in their developmental growth!

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