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CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE is a non-profit 501(c) 3 – founded and operated by Nadhege Raphael, the Executive Director. Open to the public at large, we recognize that excellent childcare should not be compromised due to lack of funds. Thus, vouchers are accepted for those in need and scholarships are made available to those who qualify.

Funds received through PayPal will help us to supplement the cost of tuition for the families who would like to send their children to our program, but cannot afford it. In addition, in-kind donations will help us to purchase books, furniture, toys and other necessities to run a quality program!

Every effort, in-kind donation, volunteer act, monetary contribution, and prayers are not only much appreciated, but much-needed! Click on “Donate” if you are so moved…

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Please leave a message during your check out with PayPal¬†telling us where you would like your funds allocated (scholarship fund, furniture purchase, books, in-kind donation, etc…)

Thank you!

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