Admission Policies

Registration: Registration is held each spring for the following year.  Priority is given in the following order: returning children, siblings of enrolled children, children formally enrolled in the program and those children on the waiting list.  A non-refundable $50.00 application fee is charged upon admittance to CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE.  There is also a half month deposit that is required in order to enroll. This deposit can be returned upon 2 weeks’ notice of withdrawal from the program. Parents can choose to attend for the half month in lieu of having the deposit returned.

A $50 registration fee is required for each returning child accepted into the program for the following year which begins the day after Labor Day. The per-registration fee may be returned if the applicant gives notice of 1 months before the initial start date.  Only families with current accounts in the spring may register for the coming school year.  Registration is on an on-going basis and children will be accepted as space becomes available. Application can only be received in person with a visit to the center.

Waiting Lists:  Although CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE anticipates running at full capacity, vacancies may occur throughout the year.  The Director uses the wait list to offer enrollment.  The listed parents have the option of enrolling in the program or remaining on the waiting list for future openings.  Registration forms must be completed upon acceptance to the CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE.

Scholarships/ Financial Aid: CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE has a formal scholarship application and financial aid application to accommodate those families in need. These application can only be received in person with a visit to the center.  An effort is made to work out arrangements so that no child is excluded from the program because of inability to pay all or part of the tuition.  Requests for assistance should be made to the Director.  All requests and information concerning financial assistance are confidential.

Click on CCH Schedule of Fees 2019 to view our pricing.

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