CCH Bulletin

As we wrap up Academic Year 2019-20 I personally wanted to thank EVERYONE who has endured with us. This has been an interesting year to say the least. As we are closed next week (8/31-9/7), I wanted to share the bulletin a little earlier so you are abreast of everything going on at CCH upon your return. But more-so, to really say THANK YOU for trusting us with your most valuable gift – your children. It has been and is always an honor to serve you, our CCH Family! Enjoy your week off and we will see you for a fresh start for Academic Year 2020-21! We love you ALL!!!

Here is what’s happening for the month of September… ENJOY!

This month we will be reading A Fishy Tale – A Story about Jonah by Anne Pilmoor. Through this book we will revisit the story of Jonah and learn a valuable lesson about submitting ourselves to the will of God. You can find this book at your local ABC Book Store our view the reading at

A Fishy Tale


  • Our memory verse of the month is found in James 4:7 – Submit yourselves therefore to God. We repeat (and will repeat) this verse every day for the remainder of the month and discover the importance, value and lesson in submitting ourselves to what God asks us to do!


  • Our theme for the month of September is ALL ABOUT ME! Our children will discover how wonderfully we are made. We will explore body parts, experiment with the five senses, design clothing and learn how to take care of ourselves so that we can be healthy, strong and wise! Your child will bring home many projects and work. Show your interest by asking questions such as, “How did you make that? What part of the art activity did you like most? Where should I hang your work in our home?” Fearfully and wonderfully made… Amen! Click on All About Me Newsletter to learn more!

All About Me

Also, take a look at our themes for Academic Year 2020-21! There’s a lot of GREATNESS going on!


  • Beginning the week of, September 14th we are asking our CCH families to send in your child’s ALL ABOUT ME poster board! Please, no bigger than 22×28. This is a great activity to do with your child to explore their likes, unique attributes and all the wonderful things that make them AWESOME!!! Your poster board can include;
    • Name & Age of child
    • Pictures of your child and their siblings, parents, doing a cool activity, swimming, ANYTHING YOU WANT! Have fun!
    • Drawings, trinkets, magazine cuttings, glitter… the more the merrier!
    • Your child’s favorite – color, food, song, game, pet, show, etc…

Parents, there is no pressure for this poster board. Make it a fun activity to do with your child. We will hang your handy work up in our hallways and classrooms. Here are some examples below. Have fun, get messy! That’s what’s awesome about learning ALL ABOUT ME!



  • On Friday, August 28th  @ 7pm, CCH will have our closing Praise & Worship session via Zoom. A Zoom invite will be emailed to our families on Thursday. Typically we would have our Family Potluck & Fellowship meal together to close out the academic year. We will however make due with what we have! So, log on and get your singing pipes ready as we sing and praise with our children! I hope to see you online!

Praise & Worship

  • A friendly reminder that we are closed for vacation from Monday, August 31st to reopen on Tuesday, September 8th – the day AFTER Labor Day. There is no pro-rate for the month of August. Please plan accordingly and contact the Director with any questions.

Labor day 2

  • On Friday, August 28th you will be receiving a statement from QuickBooks with all of your payments to date. We are asking that all outstanding balances be reconciled by the 28th as to not interrupt your child’s care for September 2020.


  • Our yearly registration fees ($50 all family units) and curriculum fee ($95 for each child) and ALL RE-Enrollment documents are due by September 15th. Just wanted to give ample notice of these fees and required documents so that you may plan accordingly. If you have paid or have enrolled with the Caterpillar Clubhouse within the past 3 months this fee is waived as it was part of your initial registration. A separate Re-Enrollment email will go out later on this week.


  • Lastly, do you know anyone who is looking for childcare? Caterpillar Clubhouse has openings! If you refer 3 families you will receive 1 month of free tuition. 5 families, 2 months! Please, inquire with the director for more info. We would be honored if you shared our information!!!

Thank you so much for choosing us for your childcare needs!!!

P.S…. Something to make you smile!


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