CCH Bulletin

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day at the Caterpillar Clubhouse!  

Come see what’s happening for the month of AUGUST… ENJOY!!! 


Our Infant/Toddler Classrooms will be reading All Day Long, God Loves Me by Mikal Keefer. This books affirms our children in knowing that God is with them throughout the entire day! From the moment they open their eyes to when they lay down to sleep… God is there and He always will be! Click here to add this book to your collections! All Day Long/Amazon

Our Preschoolers will be reading When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner. This book focuses on God designing our world and how each day we should appreciate His marvelous creation. From the smallest insect to the magnificent sun! God designed it all and said, “It is Good”! Click here to purchase and add it to your collection.  When God Made Light/Amazon



Our memory verse of the month is found in Psalms 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it”  We repeat (and will repeat) this Bible verse every day for the remainder of the month and find ways to rejoice and celebrate God every day!




This month, our children will explore their natural curiosities and wonders about the world of science. We will have fun experimenting with our senses while exploring matter, mixes and reactions that make up the science of chemistry. In the physics lab, your child will investigate the mysteries of sound, light and forces. During the engineering lab, we will play with magnets, test out parachutes and build with shapes to test their strength. Biology and ecology round out the month. Your child will learn to classify living and nonliving things, encounter the phenomenon of animal adaptations, study germs and how to stay healthy, and learn ways to take care of the environment. Click Aug_FamilyNews to learn more about this month’s theme.




On Friday, August 26th, our Busy Bee, Carpenter & Helper Class will enjoy a special viewing of episode #1 of SID THE SCIENCE KID!!! This classic episode introduces SID as he explores the wonderful world of science and shows us how even a preschooloer can “Get Smart” and learn about the world around him. This is a great televison series to add to your collection of safe, intercative and guilt free shows for your little ones. Visit for parent reviews and see what they have to say about Sid and his friends!

– For our movie day we are looking for donations of;

  • Popcorn (plain with NO CHEESE or BUTTER)
  • 100% Juice Boxes
  • 100% Fruit Pouches (apple sauces)

Family Movie Night: Sid the Science Kid | WXXI



Join us on Thursday, 8/25 from 6:30pm-8pm for our Student Fashion Show and our End of Year Dinner! This will be an opportunity to personally meet the CCH Staff members who have been serving your children throughout this academic year! Finally, you can put a face to all the texts, pictures and updates that you have been recieving via ProCare! Also, our 2nd Annual Fashion Show. Parents can walk down the isle with their child(ren) dressed in their very best attire! There will be an award for ‘best dressed’!

This event will be held in the CCH Gym and will be catered. The event will begin and end promptly. More details to come on student/family Fashion Show sign up.




A friendly reminder that we are closed for vacation from Monday, August 29th to reopen on Tuesday, September 6th – the day AFTER Labor Day. There is no pro-rate for the month of August. Please plan accordingly and contact the Director with any questions.

Please, plan accordingly. 



Our yearly registration fees ($50 all family units) and curriculum fee ($95 for each child) and ALL RE-Enrollment documents are due by September 15th. Just wanted to give ample notice of these fees and required documents so that you may plan accordingly. If you have paid or have enrolled with the Caterpillar Clubhouse within the past 3 months (June, July, August) this fee is waived as it was part of your initial registration. A separate Re-Enrollment email will go out later on this month.



Lastly, do you know anyone who is looking for childcare? If you refer 3 families you get 1 month FREE tuition. Refer 5, add an additional month! *Restriction  apply* We would be honored if you would share this information!

Thank you for choosing us for your child care ne

P.S. Something to make you smile!!!


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