CCH Bulletin

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day at the Caterpillar Clubhouse!  Come see what’s happening for the month of JULY… ENJOY!!! 


This month we will be reading THE 7 DAYS OF CREATION! by MINDY MACDONALD This month we will explore the 7 days of creation as told in the book of Genesis. ALL of creation, from the stars, sun, moon, animals, even you and me! All spoken by our Great Creator! Without a doubt we will explore how God spoke and created – from the very beginning.



Our memory verse of the month is found in John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” We repeat (and will repeat) this Bible verse every day for the remainder of the month while learning more about the nature of God from the beginning to the end… Amen!

In the Beginnng


ECOVENTURES Summertime is full of mystery and new adventure. Your children will explore the sights and sounds of their natural environment as they create nature-based art. They will investigate, discover and experiment in the outdoors as they hone their observation skills and become nature detectives. Click Jul_FamilyNews 2021 to find out more about our theme this month.




Every Thursday (weather permitting), beginning July 8th, the campus will enjoy WATER PLAY. We will set up a Kiddie Pool area and ALL students will participate at their classrooms designated time. For water play we are asking parents to please bring;

  • Swimsuits for our girls and swim trunks for our boys.
  • Water Shoes and a change of shoes (Crocs are great)
  • Please pack Swimmer Pull-Ups if your child is not completely potty trained.
  • Towel
  • Sun Block (please apply before drop off)
  • Change of clothes (please come dressed for Water Play)

Click here to download the Topical_Ointment_Authorization.pdf. Please, submit this document to allow us permission to apply sunblock to your child body before water play and as needed during summer hours.

Water Play Day


I am ecstatic to announce the CCH Graduating of Class of 2021!!! It was such an honor to see our graduates receive their certificates of achievement! It was a ceremony of love and appreciation for our students and their families for sharing their formative years with the Caterpillar Clubhouse! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

KADRIAN, ELDRIC, JAXSON and BAILEY 💖, I am over the moon proud of you and I know you will excel wherever you may go. My sincere prayer is that God covers you and that you will be ambassadors for HIM wherever your feet land. When we are all old and gray and YOU are running the world, CCH can proudly say, “We know them when”. You came to us as CATERPILLARS – now go and be BUTTERFLIES! AMEN!

CLASS OF 2021.



Lastly, do you know anyone who is looking for childcare? If you refer 3 families you get 1 month FREE tuition. Refer 5, add an additional month! *Restriction  apply* We would be honored if you would share this information!

Thank you for choosing us for your child care needs! HAVE A WONDERFULY DAY!!!

P.S. Something to make you smile!!!



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