CCH Bulletin

October 2020 has been a remarkably interesting month to say the least! Praising God for His new mercies everyday… AMEN! Here’s what’s happening for the month of November!

  • Our memory verse of the month is found in Psalms 118:1 Oh, give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good!  We repeat (and will repeat) this verse every day for the remainder of the month and find ways to rejoice, celebrate and be thankful!
  • Our theme for the month of November is EXPLORING THE RAINFOREST! We will explore the climate and landscape of the rainforest while learning about it habitants, ecosystem and vegetation. Your child will play and learn in a rainforest filled with chattering monkeys and jumping frogs. Make a parrot puppet and teach it to sing. Dance with blue morpho butterflies and learn about food that grows under the green canopy. Letters and numbers come to life in this eco-friendly theme that engages your children in learning, protecting and preserving one of nature’s phenomenon’s – the RAINFOREST! 
  • This month we will be donating to the HEARTFIELDS ELDERLY HOME in Bowie, MD. Our donations will be dropped off on Monday, 11/23 by close of business. If you are so moved, we kindly ask that you help us to make their Thanksgiving memorable as many will be spending the holiday’s alone. Are you willing to donate and/or contribute? The Director of Heartfields says they are in high need of these toiletry items;
    • Deodorant
    • Lotion
    • Toothpaste
    • Mouthwash
    • Baby Wipes,
    • Sanitary napkins (Depends, Always)
  • LifeTouch Picture day has been rescheduled to Thursday, 11/19 starting at 8:30am. Unlike years before, we will conduct picture day outdoors (weather permitting). If the weather is not agreeable, we will conduct picture day in the gym. There will be no class pictures for social distancing purposes; instead we will present a class collage. All photographers must submit a negative COVID-19 test result and all activities will be performed following our guidelines of social distancing. If you are not comfortable with your child taking his/her photo, please contact the director. 
  • Beginning in November the Caterpillar Clubhouse will no longer use the TadPole app. Moving forward ProCare will be our app of choice. You will still receive the same quality information as it relates to your child’s day – but, the additional features are more comprehensive to providing us a safe way to sign in/out and, see pictures & videos throughout the day, and see our CCH Calendar so that you don’t miss any deadlines or events. As we all get acclimated to the new program, I ask for your patience and understanding. The staff has been onboarding all week and we are ready for your return on Thursday, 11/5 using PROCARE!
  • A friendly reminder that we are closed on Wednesday, November 11th, for Veterans Day. We are also closed on Thursday, November 26th & Friday, November 27th, for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We re-open on Monday, November 30th. Please, plan accordingly.
    • Also, for your future planning, The Caterpillar Clubhouse will be closed from Thursday, 12/24 starting at 12:30pm to Friday, 1/1/21. We will reopen on Monday, January 4th.

Please, plan accordingly…

  •  Lastly, do you know anyone who is looking for childcare? If you refer 3 families you get 1 month FREE tuition. Refer 5 and an additional month! *Restriction  apply* We would be honored if you would share this information!

Thank you so much for choosing us for your childcare needs!


We will not let this happen to your babies!  

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