Welcome to the CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE blog and web page!

Why Caterpillars? Caterpillars are not the most graceful insects. They are squishy, slimy and some would say very weird-looking! They crawl around on their bellies, leave trails of slime and poop, they eat leaves ALL DAY long and cannot really fend for themselves. But, did you know that caterpillars are also one of the most fascinating insects on the face of the earth? They transform from creatures that most people find dis-interesting, repellent and strange – to one of the most beautiful creations to behold. Yes, their transition from slug to what some may call “flying flowers” is spectacular to say the least!

I think the caterpillar is Gods way of teaching us lessons on how to view, treat and care for each other, our children and even ourselves. We are all works in progress! We may, be squishy, slimy, and yes not particularly great to look at – but in time, with nurturing, love and care, we will flourish and change into beautiful “flying flowers”. Butterflies… but first we must be caterpillars!

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The CATERPILLAR CLUBHOUSE was established to meet the ever-increasing need of quality child care with an emphasis on early education based on the Word of God. We exist to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual need of all the children who are entrusted to our care. More importantly, we LOVE what we do! We are honored that you have, or are considering us for your child care needs!

Please, take some time to become familiar with our web page. Do not hesitate to contact the director via the link below with any questions…

Thanks for visiting and come again!

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I visited this facility last week and it was amazing from beginning to end! The owner and director and very high energy and you can tell this is what they love to do. The owner is also very relatableas she shared she understands the experience of trying to find and pay for daycare. I hope I’m able to get my daughter enrolled ASAP!

  2. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Caterpillar Clubhouse Family! The staff is superb! The director is fabulous and you can tell she 100% invested in the growth of our children. I am so happy that I found this center!

  3. We have been apart of the Caterpillar Clubhouse Family for two years. My child has been attending from 4 months old. I have watched the wonderful growth and development that has occurred in each classroom! You can tell that each teacher really cares for and nurtures the children in their care and wants them to achieve their best. The “Clubhouse” director is passionate about her children and is always there to address anything needed. I am happy with the learning and care my child receives at CCH!

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